TAS Thesaurus Manager

Do these questions sound familiar?

Not familiar with the exact professional terms? Do you only know the generic term to search with?

If you are familiar with these issues you definitely need a thesauri

Welcome to the world of intelligent search

Main thoughts

Using the inappropriate search term can make your query fruitless. TAS Thesaurus Manager enables you to create and manage word pairs with relations. Build your unique conceptual dictionary to make the search process much more efficient for getting insights.

Don’t let relevant results escape your attention.

Basic information

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus-building software that facilitates a more optimal and sophisticated operation of the TAS Enterprise Search.

TAS Thesaurus Manager makes it possible to define and control conceptual relationships between search terms, making it easier to find relevant results in TAS Enterprise Search.

Possible relations that can be defined between the words:

  • synonym
  • correct form
  • typo
  • narrower term
  • broader term
  • stop list

Learn more about how TAS Thesaurus Manager helps in finding jobs.

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant


The thesaurus-building module makes it possible to find more relevant results on the TAS Enterprise Search interface. The amount and quality of the words you specify determines the sophistication of the search process.
By creating word links in TM, the search process can be greatly optimized, since no multiple searches are required in case of similar terms (eg. USA – United States – United States of America).

Word pairs features

  • must include a basic expression (base expression, base word, first word)
  • can include a related expression (related word, second keyword)
  • has the specification opportunity of the relationship between the two terms (synonym, stoplist, narrower term of, broader term of, correct form of, typo of)
  • has category definition option to help annotators and reviewers decide which areas of the word pair are related to

Useful tip

Notice your frequent typos in TAS Search Log Analyzer and connect them with the correct word form. Forget backspace or starting a new query. Just type as you normally would, yet you will be much more efficient in finding results.

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Thesaurus Manager Graph
graph view of word relations created in TAS Thesaurus Manager

Workflow roles

  • Annotator: basic role, can handle word pairs added to annotation
  • Reviewer: Has annotator rights, can also accept previous annotations
  • Deployer: has both annotator and reviewer role, can install the already adopted spellings for sharp use (eg search)
  • Expertise: regardless of the roles, you can assign a domain to each user that matches the categories that can be assigned to word pairs. This ensures that the pair of words in a given category gets to the right user.


  • Any user can add a new word or expression by specifying the base term for annotation, with as little information as possible to save the word pairs
  • The related phrase can also be already added during insertion or annotation (this is true for the following fields)
  • Then the specification of the relationship between the two terms (or a category to which the pair belongs) is possible
  • After insertion, the pair of words can be annotated (unfilled fields are specified by the annotator)
  • The process must be accepted by a reviewer
  • Approved word pairs can be deployed by a Deployer

the workflow

Technical features

  • Compatibility with TAS Enterprise Search via TAS Thesaurus Service (Read more Technical Description – Precognox TAS Enterprise Search)
  • Accessibility on widespread browsers, intranet / internet
  • User Access Restriction (Authentication / Authorization)
  • Multilingual subtitle support (automatically detected based on browser language setting)


The Thesaurus Manager GUI

The appearance of Thesaurus Manager is consistent with the corporate identity of TAS Platform. GUI is user friendly and can be handled intuitively. The interface is widely customizable, it is possible to individually modify the elements according to customer needs.


The Thesaurus Manager GUI

The user interface is available through TAS Cloud or installed On Premise

How it works

TAS Thesaurus Manager works within the TAS Platform.

After assessing your needs, aims and requirements, we use these information to prepare the project and quotation plan we identify the key points, then we prepare the specifications and the quotation.

Factors affecting the quotation

  • the complexity of the task
  • special requirements
  • the quality and the quantity of data
  • possible development needs
  • deadline

Use case

Do want to learn more about the utilization of the solution?

Read TAS Thesaurus Manager use case.  

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Technical description

Initial system requirements (On Premise)
x86_64 CPU at least 4 core
at least 16GB RAM
35GB disk (it may grow as the amount of logs increase)
64-bit Linux, Windows, or macOS – 64-bit JDK 1.8 or above

Availability and platform support
Cloud API – On Premise API – Java SDK is available

Integration with other products
TAS Platform
TAS Enterprise Search

Questions and Answers

Do you have other linguistic solutions? Yes, TAS Platform is developed to provide complex services in text analytics.

Can you handle special requirements? Sure, no problem. We are not only the owners of TAS Platform, but also a software development enterprise so we are capable to develop your custom solution.

Are you prepared to get into business with enterprises outside of Hungary? We have several partners in Europe and we also have overseas customers. We all do speak in English, and some of us also speak in German.



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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

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