Thesaurus Manager

Basic information

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus-building software that facilitates a more optimal and sophisticated operation of the TAS Enterprise Search engine.

Thesaurus Manager makes it possible to define and control conceptual relationships between search terms, making it easier to find relevant results in TAS Enterprise Search.

Possible relations that can be defined between the words:


The thesaurus-building module makes it possible to find more relevant results on the TAS Enterprise Search interface. The amount and quality of the words you specify determines the sophistication of the search process.
By creating word links in TM, the search process can be greatly optimized, since no multiple searches are required in case of similar terms (eg. USA – United States – United States of America).

Word pairs features

Workflow Roles


The workflow

Technical features

The Thesaurus Manager GUI

The appearance of Thesaurus Manager is consistent with the corporate identity of TAS Platform. GUI is user friendly and can be handled intuitively. The interface is widely customizable, it is possible to individually modify the elements according to customer needs.

The Thesaurus Manager GUI

The user interface is available through TAS Cloud or installed On Premise

How it works

TAS Thesaurus Manager works within the Precognox TAS platform.

After assessing your needs, aims and requirements, we use these informations to prepare the project and quotation plan we identify the key points, then we prepare the specifications and the quotation.

Factors affecting the quotation

Quotation request

Other products of the TAS Platform

Thesaurus Manager is a part of the TAS platform. We have also developed other software services in the TAS framework.

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TAS Search Log Analyzer is a perfect solution if you have your structured database and it is searchable, you may be keen on getting information about the launched searches. TAS – Search Log Analyzer for example lets you know which keywords are used frequently or without any match. These and similar informations can be used to continuously improve your search system. Find out more by reading the Search Log Analyzer use case.

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Technical description

Initial system requirements (On Premise)
x86_64 CPU at least 4 core
at least 16GB RAM
35GB disk (it may grow as the amount of logs increase)
64-bit Linux, Windows, or macOS – 64-bit JDK 1.8 or above

Availability and platform support
Cloud API – On Premise API – Java SDK is available

Integration with other products
Precognox TAS platform

Questions and Answers

Do you have other linguistic solutions? Yes, TAS Platform is developed to provide complex services in text analytics.

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