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Thesaurus Manager in help of finding jobs

Our TAS Thesaurus Manager solution is specialized in managing word pairs. In the user interface the word pairs and their relationship, such as synonyms, misspellings (typos) or broader and narrower terms are configurable. Using the service you can increase the effectiveness of the search engine so that the user can find relevant results more easily and efficiently. And this is extremely important when it is about the search engine interface of a serious business-driven, market-leading job placement portal.

Why? The following use case illustrates this.

Implementation of the project

Our client, the owner of the Professional job search portal, intended to improve the efficiency of its search engine due to fierce market competition among the manpower agencies. A more sophisticated user interface can provide a better user experience for job seekers, and thereby provide business advantage.
The main purpose of the development was to make it easier for users to find positions that are interesting and valuable to them, even if the wrong search term was used in the search interface.
The solution was provided by our TAS Thesaurus Manager, which makes it easier for the user to find relevant results. In this case, the desired job opportunity. For example, if you are looking for a software developer job, the job ads as a programmer are also relevant. Creating and setting up the right word pairs and relationships in TAS Thesaurus Manager, it is easy to achieve such searching results in the search engine. The following example shows how this is accomplished.

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

Note: these are sample data and not actual word pairs of a live system


Bookkeeper = Accountant
If you want users to find accountant jobs even if they search for bookkeeper (or vica versa), then these words have to be connected in the Thesaurus Manager. After that it won’t matter which synonym are the users searching for they will get the same relevant results.

How is this achieved based on our client’s permission workflow request?

It was important to setup a multilevel permission system so only those word pairs have impact on the job searching which are approved by higher level users.
Word pair addition levels example:
An annotator uploads the following connection: accountant is synonym of bookkeeper – it does not have any effect on searches yet
A reviewer checks it and approves it – it still does not have any effect on searches yet
A deployer deploys it and now the connection is live, so it doesn’t matter if a user is searching for accountant or bookkeeper he/she will get the same job offers as results.
If a user logs in then the word pairs he/she has to work on appears on the dashboard. Eg. a reviewer sees that job title pairs are waiting for approval.

In action

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What relations are adjustable between the words?

– synonyms: eg. software developer – programmer
– correct forms and typos: eg. cleaner – claener
– narrower and broader terms: eg. developer – frontend developer

Related services

The following services also helps our clients to work more comfortably with the TAS Thesaurus Manager.

Getting insight of word pairs
Graph view helps the user to analyze the connection chain between jobs in an easier way.

Thesaurus Manager Graph

Upload from file
Word pairs can also uploaded from a file which helps if lots of new connections needs to be added to the system.

Download to file
Word pairs can also be exported to a file for further examinations.

Manage users
Admins can easily manage each user’s role in the Manage users menu.

These complex services of TAS Thesaurus Manager can also improve the performance of generic search engines or the TAS Enterprise Search. And its effectiveness can be tracked with the TAS Search Log Analyzer.

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

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