TAS Text Analytics System

Are you looking for intelligent solutions that help you take all the advantages lying in enterprise data? Or do you prefer widely customizable services from expert teams of natural language processing?

You do not need to choose. We provide you both.

TAS approach

Software intended for business use are only mean proper solution for the users if they meet the following criteria:

  • the company data is always available to users and it is provided with proper access management, so the information is provided to the different departments (persons), whether they are in the role of analyst, decision-maker or other
  • provides a unified, uniform, user-friendly and highly customizable interface, regardless of the applied IT system, browser type, platform environment
  • has standard integration with the company’s existing systems, through standard API’s

Precognox’s TAS Text Analytics System provides just that. Many built-in services are available within the platform. Out of these services only those need to be licensed that best support decision-making and business goals through using corporate data and applying text analytics processes.

Contact us. Whether it’s a task that requires data collection, data cleansing, or data enrichment, our experienced colleagues will assess your individual needs and make a customized offer. (See also “Consultancy and Support” section below for terms).

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

Tas products

TAS Text Analytics System is a collection of solutions that helps you collect, search, analyze and understand your data. The services can be used on their own or be applied as part of a bigger pipeline, since they can be easily integrated into other systems.

TAS Tagger

TAS Tagger was created to retrieve and determine key phrases and topics from texts. The identification of these expressions and named entities (person names, locations, organizations, dates) are implemented by computational linguistic and machine learning methods and tools. We apply some or all of these methods and tools, depending on the needs of the particular customer.

TAS Enterprise Search

TAS Enterprise Search is a theme-independent intelligent search engine that allows the user to search multiple large databases. The advanced search functions, the bulk search option and the customizable built-in synonym dictionary helps the user in solving complex search tasks. The integrated entity recognition and name matching solutions also contribute to finding relevant results.

TAS Enterprise Bulk Search

TAS Enterprise Bulk Search is a supplementary service for TAS Enterprise Search dedicated to simplify and shorten the complex and time-consuming search processes which previously could only be done individually.

TAS Alarmlist

TAS Alarmlist is a text analytics solution for automatizing the time-consuming repetitive queries in the enterprise environment. The service sends notifications in several ways if it finds matches between company data assets and search terms contained in the compiled watchlist.

TAS News Reader

TAS News Reader enables the user to collect, search and process the content of any web page that possess embedded RSS feed. Data collection,
advanced search and cooperative, joint news processing can be executed by the solution with high efficiency.

TAS Thesaurus Manager

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus-building module that facilitates the more optimal and sophisticated operation of the TAS Enterprise Search Engine. Thesaurus Manager makes it possible to define and control conceptual relationships between search terms, making it easier to find relevant results in TAS Enterprise Search Engine.

TAS Search Log Analyzer

TAS Search Log Analyzer is a supplementary service for tracking and analyzing queries made in the search engine. This analytical tool helps the user in getting deeper insight into which terms are used and how they are used in the TAS Enterprise Search Engine interface. The data obtained can also be used to improve search engine performance.

TAS Data Collector

TAS Data Collector saves you time and effort by collecting all the unstructured and structured data of a certain domain available on the Internet. You can check the daily trend of your data on a dashboard that provides you with the opportunity of constantly monitoring the data flow. The collected data can be used in its rough form or can be converted and enriched further by another TAS service.

TAS products in action

Assemble the tiles you need

Identify your business neuralgic points and define your needs based upon them.

  • Collecting data, getting insights, tagging, search? Determine the requirements.
  • Technical requirements, authorization management, integration? Tell us the details.
  • Cloud-based solution or on-premise installation? Let us know.
  • Should the solution fit to the corporate identity of the company? – Send your logo and colour code.
  • Special requirements? – Challenge our agile software development team.

We listen to you and embed the services you need into your TAS Platform. And only them. You only get what you need. If there are out-of-box needs, we still have a solution – agile software development.

Processes offered by TAS Text Analytics System

Data is the currency of the 21st century, so we are committed to provide you with valuable information entrenched in it. Check the following steps to get to know how:

  • data creation: it does not matter if you do not have your own data, we are able to generate it in line with your needs.
  • data collection: if you have even a small guess that data you need is available on the Internet, we are ready to collect it for you.
  • data processing: once data is acquired, it is processed in deliberate steps
  • data enrichment: data is manipulated so as to provide it with additional value
  • data analysis: information is discovered with diverse techniques of AI and software engineering
  • data visualization: with the visual representation of data we help our customers grasp hidden relations of it
  • quality assurance: in order to establish high-quality services, quality check is built in our approach

Consultancy and Support

Let’s discuss in advance how we can help you achieve your business goals. Then we draw up the solution and the pricing.
In addition to our services, the basis of successful cooperation is the support we provide from the first day of the project for as long as you want.

Technical details about TAS Text Analytics System

Integrations already available:

  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook
  • BürOffice
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Data Studio
  • Power BI
  • Rapidminer
  • Tableau
  • ABBYY FineReader OCR
  • Tesseract OCR
  • Google Cloud Speech-to-Text
  • Microsoft Text Analytics API
  • IBM Natural Language Understanding
  • Rosette Text Analytics
  • Google Cloud Natural Language API
  • Neticle Text Analysis API
  • Imagga Image Recognition
  • Repustate Text Analytics
  • Meaningcloud Text Analytics
TAS integration
TAS Platform integration opportunities

What do you really get as customer of TAS service? What are the related services? What else do we offer?

  • user interface basically appearing within the TAS Platform, but we can develop and deliver a unique search GUI solution
  • API to integrate searching functionality in your own software
  • adjustable access rights
  • customer service / permanent communication
  • follow-up of the project
  • maintenance
  • additional software development in case of unique requirements



Do you have any questions about TAS Platform? Send your message.

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

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