Use cases

Search Log Analyzer in Action

A useful accessory to optimize TAS Enterprise Search engine

TAS Search Log Analyzer allows you to analyze and check your searches launched in TAS Enterprise Search. It also helps you to examine the most frequently used search terms, searches with no result or even changes in search trends.
By continously utilizing the results of the analysis we can make the enterprise search engine even more effective.

How? The following use case demonstrates this.


Why to choose Search Log Analyzer?

In 2017, we created a Demo enterprise search engine called Tax Tech Demo that made it possible to search the content of tax-related articles collected by our TAS Data Collector service. The cooperation with the client – a large international company providing auditing, tax advisory and legal services – began in 2018. The project consisted of 2 parts:
– continuously monitoring and collecting contents from 8 tax-related web data sources, and
– implementing a customized enterprise search engine based on these contents.

After the successful delivery of the TAS Enterprise Search, the customer indicated that the employees for various reason did not use the product at the expected frequency and therefore its potential was not sufficiently exploited.
To find out the reasons, we recommended our Search Log Analyzer solution. It is capable of monitoring the usage of the Enterprise Search and extracting top search terms or even frequent searches (often typos) with no results. Changes in frequency of search terms can also be tracked in trends.


How can these results help?

Searches with no results show what terms the users looking for, but have no matches in the collected contents. So you can easily decide if you need to expand the number of collected tax-related databases (articles) and what additional data sources could increase the number of results. Searches without results could also indicate that users use a different vocabulary what we expected. For example using “non-official” terms instead of the official ones.
Top searches (and search terms in positive trends) may also indicate which topics are popular, so collecting and adding similar content to TAS Enterprise Search also improves the efficiency.
In case of misspelled searches (typos), TAS Thesaurus Manager could be the solution since not only synonyms, broader and narrower expressions, but also typos (misspellings) could be set within the application. Thus, users could get results also for misspelled search terms.
Example: conselor is typo of counselor
So when the user types conselor, the matches for counselor appears.


Time factor

Besides using the basic functions of TAS Search Log Analyzer, it is also possible to save time by replacing the complex and time-consuming process of assessing the individual requirements of hundreds of Enterprise Search users one by one. After analyzing the search logs, we can make immediate changes that could significantly improve the performance of the TAS Enterprise Search engine.
That is how TAS Search Log Analyzer becomes a very useful accessory to optimize an enterprise search engine.


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