TAS News Reader

Do these questions sound familiar?

Using to many tabs and windows for media monitoring? Having difficulties reducing media noise? Fed up with fakenews?

If you are familiar with these issues you definitely need a news reader solution.

Welcome to the world of effective news consumption

Main thoughts

Does the news have a big impact on the company’s business decision-making? Is it essential to collect, track, and process these online contents for business success? TAS News Reader is a specialized text analytics solution that makes these processes easy and convenient to accomplish.

Basic information

Using TAS News Reader is sure to keep the user up-to-date with news and relevant online contents. Working with collected articles and other publications, even in groups, has never been so easy. The intuitive multifunctional search interface and the related services provide a truly intelligent solution processing the news and further collected text contents by outstanding efficiency.

TAS News Reader enables the user to collect, search and process the content of any web page that possess embedded RSS feed.

By the solution the following workflows can be executed with high efficiency:

  • data collection
  • advanced search and
  • cooperative, joint news processing.

Who benefits from the service?

TAS News Reader is especially useful for all users for whom it is essential to collect, monitor and process the content of certain (even thematic) news sites. Processes that can feasible applying the service:

  • press monitoring (media monitoring)
  • news gathering
  • creation of news aggregator sites (news portals)
  • social listening (web monitoring) for further processing such as sentiment analysis
  • risk news monitoring (eg financial market information)
  • security media monitoring (eg OSINT – Open Source Intelligence)

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Andrea Kruk-Papp
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How it works

User interface

The intuitive user interface of TAS News Reader is available within the TAS Platform, its appearance fits into the identity of the system, thus using more TAS services in parallel, the user always encounters a uniformed interface. Thanks to our software development experience, it is also possible to create a user interface with a unique appearance – identical to the customer’s corporate identity.


After login, the list of projects available to the user is displayed. Projects can be created and modified by service admins. A project can be created by providing a name and an optional project description.

TAS News Reader projects
Project management in TAS News Reader

Selecting resources

New source can be added on the project edit page. Standard RSS feeds can be collected. A source can added by entering any name and specifying the RSS url. By adding a source, the collection starts automatically. In the opening interface, the resources can be managed in separate projects (eg by themes).

TAS News Reader source adding
Adding new source in TAS News Reader


Basic view

Entering the given project, short previews of the collected text contents (news, articles) from the previously chosen source are displayed in the search interface, which include the followings:

  • title
  • lead,
  • source and
  • date of publication.
TAS News Reader Feed

The user can navigate to the original content by clicking on the highlighted title of the article.


When entering a project, the list of news related to the project is displayed. By default, only news that match the saved searches are displayed. If there is no saved search, all articles appear from the sources.

A search result consists of the following for the user:

  • news title (by clicking on it the original source will be opened on a new tab)
  • lead of the article
  • source of the article
  • date of the article in YYYY.MM.DD in HH: MM format
  • news processing status icon
  • process / processed button (in case of processed news, who processed the news and when, in case of processed news, the processor comment in the tooltip of (i) icon
  • highlighting why a search matches a result

Processing news

For each item in the results list that appears in the interface, the user can indicate separately whether the content has already been processed. In addition to the indication of processing, a comment can be added, which is visible to all participants in the given project, so that multi-user news processing can be easily implemented and the unnecessary duplication of work can be avoided.

User management

Clicking on Manage users load the list of the users with the following informations:

  • username
  • first name
  • last name
  • access

It can be set on a project basis which user can access which projects.


TAS News Reader user management
TAS News Reader user management

Intelligent search

Complex searches can be compiled and performed using the search engine. The list of results can be pre-filtered by selecting the sources and further narrowed by the filters. These filters can be the recognized entities (e.g. date or language). Compiled searches can be saved to a private or joint project-level template, depending on whether one or more users are managing the news that matches the saved search.


TAS News Reader intelligent search

Intelligent search with extras

Extra features can be linked to TAS News Reader.

TAS Data Collector solution makes it possible to collect text content from web sources that do not have an RSS feed, making it possible to be processed in the TAS News Reader interface as well.

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a special dictionary enables the user defining conceptual relations (synonyms, narrower and broader terms, typos) between expression thus the search process can be made even more sophisticated, as it is easier to find relevant contents.

TAS Search Log Analyzer can be used to analyze the searches performed in the search interface of TAS News Reader. The solution provides insight into the top or resultless search expressions and also helps the user in tracking search trends.

Questions and Answers

Is the solution available with a multilingual interface? – Currently English and Hungarian are the default languages, but the interface can be implemented in any language (by custom development).

Can special operators be used in the search interface? – Yes, numerous special characters and advanced search options are available.

Is there an available manual? – Of course, the user guide and useful tips are available in the Help option.

Can you handle special requirements? – Sure, no problem. We are not only the owners of TAS Platform solutions – but also a software development enterprise so we are capable to develop your custom solution.

Our experience, software programming background and flexibility are the key points to the satisfaction of our customers.
Do you have other questions about the product or the quotation? Send your message.

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

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