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Are you looking for intelligent solutions that help you take all the advantages lying in big data? Or do you prefer widely customizable services from expert teams of artificial intelligence and natural language processing? You do not need to choose.
We provide you both.

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TAS is a collection of solutions that helps you collect, search, analyze and understand your data. The services can be used on their own or be applied as part of a bigger pipeline, since they can be easily integrated into other systems.

TAS Services

Data Collector

We save you time and effort by collecting all the unstructured and structured data of a certain domain available on the Internet. You can check the daily trend of your data on a dashboard that provides you with the opportunity of constantly monitoring the data flow. The collected data can be used in its rough form or can be converted and enriched further by another TAS service.

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Search & Discovery

If you need a helping hand in handling a huge amount of data, the TAS Enterprise Search service is for you. Whether you have your own data or it comes from the TAS Data Collector, it is more transparent and useful if a sophisticated keyword search function is available, because the text content without access is worthless. We created a widely customizable software that enables you to launch searches both in your documents and web based contents

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Thesaurus Manager

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus-building module that facilitates the more optimal and sophisticated operation of the TAS Enterprise Search engine. Thesaurus Manager makes it possible to define and control conceptual relationships between search terms, making it easier to find relevant results in TAS Enterprise Search.

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Search Log Analyzer

Are you the type who is keen on being informed about the latest trends? We provide you with up-to-date information about searches of expressions of any domain regarding frequency, efficiency and amount. By studying the top searches, the frequent searches or comparing the top searches in a given period, you can get a deeper insight in search trends. It means you will be always one step ahead of your competitors.

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TAS Tagger was created to retrieve and determine key phrases and topics from texts. The identification of these expressions and named entities (person names, locations, organizations, dates) are implemented by computational linguistic and machine learning methods and tools. We apply some or all of these methods and tools, depending on the needs of the particular customer.

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Your custom service

Do you need a unique solution based on text analytics? Thanks to our expertise, software development experience and the flexible solutions of the TAS system, we can realize your vision.

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What do we offer?

What is just bits and bytes for your computer, that is valuable data for us. Our mind is always on data. More precisely, it is on how to get valuable information out of data – for our clients. It is realized through the following steps:

  • DATA
  • collection
  • processing
  • visualization
  • creation
  • analysis
  • search
quality assurance
  • web application
  • search page
  • API
  • dashboard
  • report

Who is it for?

Sales teams

We understand that a sales expert without information about the market and business trends and feedback about the product or brand is like a one-armed giant. We equip our Goliaths with the most state-of-the art solutions.

Data teams

We believe that what makes a solution outstanding is that it relies on other excellent solutions. So why would you waste your time on trying to tackle some problems we have already solved for you?


We know that as the head of the organization, you need clear information and efficient solutions to make the best decisions, which make your company successful. In this way, your success is our success, too.


As many of us are researchers too, who consider that even the greatest scientific breakthrough incorporates data analysis. We do our best to support you in getting valuable results.


“Algorithm is the heart of all solutions” - we share this idea with you and also happily share our innovations that can save time, energy and cost for you.

What do our clients get?

By making the output of our services searchable, our clients can comfortably explore their data. What is more, they can freely adjust the focus of the search.

The results of data processing and data analysis can be displayed on a dashboard, which enables our customers to explore, monitor and understand their data.

Our professional reports summarize the results of the projects and help our customers comprehend their own project from the initial step to the final one.

The output of our services can be a programmable environment that is available through the Internet and that can be customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.

The result of our work can be considered a starting point of further work. Application programming interface lets our customers build software applications.

Why is our solution unique?


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Non-profit organizations

Academic organizations

Government-related organizations

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Your data is in your hands.
You can manage the level of data access of your colleagues, who can reach the system through industry standard SSO authenticated login.

Read more about security under Terms and Conditions

Deployment options for customers

TAS services hosted on our secure cloud

TAS can be hosted on your own Virtual Private Cloud

or it can be hosted on-premises


The price of each project is set individually. Please contact us for further information.

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About Us

Why Us?


If one had to list three keywords that characterize our Data Science Team, they would be Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. AI-related projects are handled with high expertise in their complexity – what makes our team unique is that we are able to carry out each element of an NLP project from data gathering and processing to data analysis thank to the rigorous work of our statisticians and linguists. In addition, we focus not only on one aspect of NLP, but have a holistic view of it.

Every customer desires a product without bugs. Although we are aware of the fact that there is no faultless product on Earth, we constantly test our solutions to be able to provide our customers with high-quality products. Reliability is ensured by meeting international standards (ISTQB), by running both manual and automatic tests. We believe, the earlier stage QA is introduced to the lifecycle of a project, the better the performance of our products are and the costs are reduced.

What differentiates our solution from other search services available on the Internet is the expertise of our search team. We have already built searches on Lucene-based search solutions, Solr and Elastic Search and developed plugins to them. We are able to take the linguistic features into consideration while search building, to provide access control in enterprise environment and to build scalable search systems. Our efficient searches aim to support the business processes of your company.

Our front-end developers work hard to realize what our customers imagine, namely to develop software that provides the best user experience. We do not only bring your initial sketches of ideas into life, but we also suit our software to your needs in every step of the process, being committed to the agile approach. The task that is performed when you click on any item is programmed by our back-end developers. They are also responsible for the smooth and quick performance of the software, co-operating with the Operations Team.

Supervised Machine Learning (ML) cannot be implemented without annotators, since – in opposition to unsupervised ML – training data is provided with meta-data by human experts. Statistic methods learn on the basis of this data and their performance is measured in line with it, too. Our team has 5 years of experience in well-known annotation tasks, like classification, scoring, named entity recognition, emotion and sentiment analysis. They are engaged both in internal and external projects.

Whenever you have an innovative idea that can be accomplished within the framework of TAS, our Business Analysts help you take the first steps towards solution. We are at your disposal to articulate a clear project goal, the requirements that have to be met by the solution that is ordered, the desired outcomes and the tasks that lead to the success of the project. Moreover, we also undertake the role of a mediator who mediates between customer and technical specialists.

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