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Enterprise Search for Security

Our TAS Enterprise Search solution is a specialized and customized search engine that allows you to search in a large number of large-scale databases regardless of the topic. Thanks to our text analytics experience – it is an outstanding solution in case of any professional field. Furthermore, to our client (large-size security organization) it was extremely important that our product utilizes the world’s leading entity recognition (entity extractor) and name search (name indexer) solution, provided by Rosette software package of Babel Street Technology.

Our client also uses other moduls of TAS Insight Engine.

Implementation of the project

Our security related client had files in different formats managed by an access control management system and also databases that had to be indexed too so that the user can search in all data sources according to his originally specified access rights. We have developed the given solution according to the client’s requests so the user can find the documents which he has access to, and we also show a hint if there are more existing documents but he doesn’t have access to see them. In this case he may ask permission from his supervisor.

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Andrea Kruk-Papp
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Simple search helps users to find the matching documents, it searches in the name and content of the document.
It was important to our client to find just the relevant documents because each file needs to be checked manually and advanced search helps with that. With advanced search the user can make more sophisticated searches where the user can select the field he wants to search in and he can select a relation for his terms. Moreover, the result list can be filtered based on multiple document properties and data extracted from the content so the time spent on searching is significantly shortened.

Rosette Name Indexer and Entity Extractor
We implemented the world-leading Rosette Name Indexer solution (also used by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Airbnb) which helps our client to find persons even if their name is just a nickname or written in another language.
Rosette’s Entity Extracton solution is likewise useful since it helps the user by automatically recognizing (identifying) the main entities (names, organizations, nationalities, date, etc.). These entities can also be used as filter options.

How does an insight engine work in practice?

Our product video gives you an easy way to learn how TAS Enterprise Search works.

In action

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Making the search process more convenient

The client also emphasized that importance of making the search process easier and this was also provided by the following convenience features:

With autosuggest you don’t have to type the full values, only the first 3 letters and you get a list of matching values to select. The list is quite useful because you can be sure that the given value (search term) is in the system so you can avoid getting 0 result for your searches.

Did you mean
Did you mean helps if you made typos in your search terms, so you don’t waste time with getting 0 results and investigating your terms.

The users often makes the same advanced searches so these searches can be saved as templates. The users have to build the search only once and the next time he can load it from the templates which helps saving time.

It is also possible to export specific results into a file for further examination.
By the aforementioned features, we were actually able to provide an enterprise search solution that significantly foster the efficient work by the client’s organization.
In addition, the support timeframe also ensured that the search engine could be fine tuned based on user feedback after the service has been launched.

Connecting TAS Enterprise Search with other TAS Services

Searching is not complete with TAS Enterprise Search itself. We also connected TAS Enterprise Bulk Search which helps our client to run multiple searches in the same time by uploading a table with several data lines.
We also connected the TAS Search Log Analyzer service which helps to analyze what searches were accomplished by users and if there are common typo-s or synonym cases then it can be uploaded in the TAS Thesaurus Manager service to find the relevant documents easier.

Questions and Answers

What kind of data formats are searchable by TAS Enterprise Search?
– Practically all formats are supported that can be converted into standard text form.

Can you handle special requirements? – Sure, no problem. We are not only the owners of TAS Platform solutions – but also a software development enterprise so we are capable to develop your custom solution.

Are you prepared to get into business with enterprises outside of Hungary? – We have several partners in Europe and we also have overseas customers. We all do speak in English, and some of us in German.



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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

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