Enterprise Edition

Tailored to your needs

TAS Enterprise Edition is all about the services you need. You can assemble the tiles according your requirements. Whether it is about document tagging, intelligent search or supplementary and custom text analytics solution.

Learn more about the services and their use cases to help you decide which solutions you need.

Tas products

TAS Text Analytics System is a collection of solutions that helps you collect, search, analyze and understand your data. The services can be used on their own or be applied as part of a bigger pipeline, since they can be easily integrated into other systems.

TAS Tagger

TAS Tagger was created to retrieve and determine key phrases and topics from texts. The identification of these expressions and named entities (person names, locations, organizations, dates) are implemented by computational linguistic and machine learning methods and tools. We apply some or all of these methods and tools, depending on the needs of the particular customer.

TAS Enterprise Search

TAS Enterprise Search is a theme-independent intelligent search engine that allows the user to search multiple large databases. The advanced search functions, the bulk search option and the customizable built-in synonym dictionary helps the user in solving complex search tasks. The integrated entity recognition and name matching solutions also contribute to finding relevant results.

TAS Enterprise Bulk Search

TAS Enterprise Bulk Search is a supplementary service for TAS Enterprise Search dedicated to simplify and shorten the complex and time-consuming search processes which previously could only be done individually.

TAS Alarmlist

TAS Alarmlist is a text analytics solution for automatizing the time-consuming repetitive queries in the enterprise environment. The service sends notifications in several ways if it finds matches between company data assets and search terms contained in the compiled watchlist.

TAS News Reader

TAS News Reader enables the user to collect, search and process the content of any web page that possess embedded RSS feed. Data collection,
advanced search and cooperative, joint news processing can be executed by the solution with high efficiency.

TAS Thesaurus Manager

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus-building module that facilitates the more optimal and sophisticated operation of the TAS Enterprise Search Engine. Thesaurus Manager makes it possible to define and control conceptual relationships between search terms, making it easier to find relevant results in TAS Enterprise Search Engine.

TAS Search Log Analyzer

TAS Search Log Analyzer is a supplementary service for tracking and analyzing queries made in the search engine. This analytical tool helps the user in getting deeper insight into which terms are used and how they are used in the TAS Enterprise Search Engine interface. The data obtained can also be used to improve search engine performance.

TAS Data Collector

TAS Data Collector saves you time and effort by collecting all the unstructured and structured data of a certain domain available on the Internet. You can check the daily trend of your data on a dashboard that provides you with the opportunity of constantly monitoring the data flow. The collected data can be used in its rough form or can be converted and enriched further by another TAS service.

TAS products in action

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