TAS Enterprise Bulk Search

Do these questions sound familiar?

Do you have a huge list with all employees' names to check their files one by one? Under time pressure to collect all information about the product sortiment of the whole storage?

If you are familiar with these issues you definitely need a bulk search solution.

Welcome to the world of intelligent search

Main thoughts

The time of mass queries solved by repetitive processes is expired. This monotonous and time robbing activity is a thing of the past. Gather your search terms and find what you are looking for with a single click.

Spare your time and work effectively by TAS Enterprise Bulk Search.

Basic information

TAS Enterprise Bulk Search is a supplementary service for TAS Enterprise Search dedicated to simplify and shorten the complex and time-consuming search processes which previously could only be done one by one.

The solution has been developed for those areas and sectors that specialized in processing and working with large amounts of data. For these companies and organizations the optimization of the applied workflows that require to perform and run searches with numerous variables is a key factor.


How it works

From now on it is unnecessary to perform the queries one by one. Running a mass query only requires the compilation of a standard table that contains all the search terms. The table may contain these search terms even in more rows and columns.

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

TAS Enterprise Bulk search table

The first step: uploading the table with the search terms

The acceptable file formats are:

  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • UTF-8 encoded XML,
  • CSV or
  • TSV.

The acceptable maximum file size is 512 MB. The table could be uploaded by selecting in the file browser or by drag and drop method.

After the upload, the table header and the rows can be easily set, so defining the list of search terms to be imported. The edited table is ready to be applied and the search process could begin according to the compiled search criteria.

Subsequent to the executed search process, the number of results are indicated rows by rows. Clicking the given number, the user is redirected to TAS Enterprise Search so from now on its functions are all available.

Useful tip for extra expediency

You can save notedly much more time by TAS Enterprise Bulk Search if you have to perform the same complex queries with each and every search term one after another.
In this case, you have to compile the query only once using the advanced functions and operators.

TAS Enterprise Bulk search

Advanced search options are also available similar to TAS Enterprise search


TAS Enterprise Bulk search offers all the functions and advanced search options as TAS Enterprise Search. Beside these capabilities it also provides the following functions to the user:

  • mass query execution
  • table management
  • hiding option for fruitless
  • search rows
  • saveable and uploadable
  • templates
  • table exporting option

In addition to an effective search solution for getting insights, do you also need a solution that makes mass queries easy to implement? TAS Enterprise Bulk search is a perfect supplementary tool for your TAS Enterprise Search.

Other products the TAS Platform

We have also developed other software services in TAS Platform.

TAS Enterprise Search is an Elastic based enterprise search engine with massive data searching capability (access rights to your data). TAS Search engine enables the user to accomplish searches in the data collected by TAS Data Collector. It is a perfect combination when you not just need the data, but you want your dataset to be effectively searchable. TAS Search engine is also capable of finding named entities (ie. like company names or date) in various formats. The existence of TAS Enterprise Search is the basis of using Search Log Analyzer, because Search Log Analyzer can only visualize searching results launched in TAS Search. Find out more by reading the TAS Enterprise Search use case.

TAS Alarmlist is a text analytics solution for automatizing the time-consuming repetitive queries in the enterprise environment. The service sends notifications in several ways if it finds matches between company data assets and search terms contained in the compiled watchlist.

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus-building module that facilitates the more optimal and sophisticated operation of the TAS Enterprise Search engine. Find out more by reading the TAS Thesaurus Manager use case.

TAS Search Log Analyzer is an analyzing tool that provides the user information about your search log and search history. It gives the user actionable insight with special emphasis of search expressions, their frequency and efficiency.

TAS Data Collector is able to collect web-based data content in a structured format so as to make this content available for information systems or for further processing and analysis. Find out more by reading the TAS Data Collector use case.

Technical description

Initial system requirements (On Premise)
x86_64 CPU at least 4 core
at least 16GB RAM
35GB disk (it may grow as the amount of logs increase)
64-bit Linux, Windows, or macOS – 64-bit JDK 1.8 or above

Availability and platform support
Cloud API – On Premise API – Java SDK is available

Integration with other products
TAS Platform

Questions and Answers

Is the solution available with a multilingual interface? – Currently English and Hungarian are the default languages, but the interface can be implemented in any language (by custom development).

When exporting a table, what will the saved file contain? – The saved file will contain the content of the given table, the number of hits for each row and a link to each result list.

Is there an available manual? – Of course, the user guide and useful tips are available in the Help option.

Can you handle special requirements? – Sure, no problem. We are not only the owners of TAS Platform solutions – but also a software development enterprise so we are capable to develop your custom solution.

Our experience, software programming background and flexibility are the key points to the satisfaction of our customers.
Do you have other questions about the product or the quotation? Send your message.

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Andrea Kruk Papp 300

Andrea Kruk-Papp
Sales Assistant

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