TAS Insight Engine
Discovering, extracting, retrieving and finding the value in your enterprise data is all about getting insights. TAS Insight Engine provides you all the essential insights leading you to the right business decision.



Getting insight means a kind of information extraction out of enterprise data, with the aim of supporting the business decision making. It is obvious why getting insight plays a major role nowadays, since understanding your data and obtaining results and answers are essential to face the challenges of today’s business world. In all areas or sectors, always.
To make this possible, TAS Insight Engine combines the latest achievements as benefits of text analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).



Whatever means the value for the company in the enterprise data, it is retrieved by our TAS Tagger solution. You always obtain the relevant information to get all insights. Thanks to the integration with market-leading softwares and tools, the insights gained can be immediately utilized with the existing systems of your company. Therefore these insights as the basis of further analysis can directly help you in making comprehensive business decisions.


Getting answers by TAS Enterprise Search

If the searchability of the values in the entire enterprise data is also essential in the life of the company, then TAS Enterprise Search is the most optimal tool for searching and filtering the delivered values. It guarantees that you get only the truly relevant answers to make the right insight-driven business decision. It will keep your company exceptionally competitive.

Are you interested in getting insights? We have already collected you the values of our Blog sites.

Compile search queries, filter, sort and find the answers for your questions.





Top 10 Exceptional OCR Products Advancing Business Efficiency in 2023

Top 10 Exceptional OCR Products Advancing Business Efficiency in 2023

“Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a game-changer when it comes to data extraction, processing and management. By using cutting-edge technology like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses can automatically extract data, translate text into structured and usable formats, and increase overall efficiency. Here, we explore several industry-leading OCR nan products that deliver outstanding results, streamlining processes and aiding decision-making.

TAS Insight Engine

TAS Insight Engine is a comprehensive tool that provides valuable insights into your business data. It combines text analytics, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to support business decision-making. The TAS Insight Engine is suited to businesses in any sector.”


What do we offer?

What is just bits and bytes for your computer, that is valuable data for us. Our mind is always on data. More precisely, it is on how to get valuable information out of data – for our clients. It is realized through the following steps:
  • Data
  • collection
  • processing
  • visualization
  • creation
  • analysis
  • search
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quality assurance

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  • web application
  • Search page
  • API
  • dashboard
  • report


Sales teams


We understand that a sales expert without information about the market and business trends and feedback about the product or brand is like a one-armed giant. We equip our Goliaths with the most state-of-the art solutions.

HR teams


Recruiting and retaining of workforce is essential in the life of each and every company. Keep up with labor market trends and get up-to-date insights so you can always make the right decisions on time about the staff.



We know that as the head of the organization, you need clear information and efficient solutions to make the best decisions, which make your company successful. In this way, your success is our success, too.



As many of us are researchers too, who consider that even the greatest scientific breakthrough incorporates data analysis. We do our best to support you in getting valuable results.



Whether you are a business-, a financial- , an industy- or an intelligence analyst: data, information, searching for them and getting insights are paramount to your success.


We offer you not only pre-packed services, but also the expertise of our teams. What you get is not just a virtual platform, but human support from the identification of your needs to the fine-tuning of the algorithms. We believe that our customers deserve more than just an AI solution. They are worthy of our attention, innovative ideas and co-operation.
Our services provide you with solutions that are both ready to use and that you can work further on. For instance, if you are interested in data on a given topic, Data Collector searches the entire World Wide Web and delivers data from it to you. However, if you would rather dig deeper, you can raise further questions about your data and continue your enterprise either within TAS or outside it.
Once our clients get in contact with us, their data is in safe hands. In each single state of data procession, you own your data. In a world where information is one of the most powerful resources, we take high care of its security.

For Customers



Non-Profit Organizations

Academic Organizations

Goverment-related Organizations



Your data is in your hands.
You can manage the level of data access of your colleagues, who can reach the system through industry standard SSO authenticated login.

Read more about security under Terms and Conditions


TAS services hosted on our secure cloud

TAS can be hosted on your own Virtual Private Cloud

or it can be hosted on-premises



TAS Enterprise Search Cloud version
6400 Yearly
  • TAS Enterprise Search
  • Cloud version
  • Limited support


TAS services tailored to your needs
550 Monthly (from)
  • Unique package of TAS services
  • Cloud / On Premise version
  • Support / Custom software development

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Our company is diverse: it containes software engineers, computational linguists, physicists and quality insurance engineers among others. The expertise of our colleagues, delivered from various disciplines, is amalgamated into a complex set of knowledge, which is the source of our out-of-the-box way of thinking.
We offer solutions that provide you with results that can be applied immediately, on the one hand. We make services also available that produce results appropriate for further processing, on the other hand.
You can turn to us both for ready-to-use solutions and for solutions fully tailored to your needs.
Our services can be integrated into other solutions both within the framework of TAS or outside it.
We are constantly looking for new and more advanced solutions. Innovation is the motor of our everyday job.
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If one had to list three keywords that characterize our Data Science Team, they would be Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. AI-related projects are handled with high expertise in their complexity – what makes our team unique is that we are able to carry out each element of an NLP project from data gathering and processing to data analysis thank to the rigorous work of our statisticians and linguists. In addition, we focus not only on one aspect of NLP, but have a holistic view of it.

Every customer desires a product without bugs. Although we are aware of the fact that there is no faultless product on Earth, we constantly test our solutions to be able to provide our customers with high-quality products. Reliability is ensured by meeting international standards (ISTQB), by running both manual and automatic tests. We believe, the earlier stage QA is introduced to the lifecycle of a project, the better the performance of our products are and the costs are reduced.

What differentiates our solution from other search services available on the Internet is the expertise of our search team. We have already built searches on Lucene-based search solutions, Solr and Elastic Search and developed plugins to them. We are able to take the linguistic features into consideration while search building, to provide access control in enterprise environment and to build scalable search systems. Our efficient searches aim to support the business processes of your company.

Our front-end developers work hard to realize what our customers imagine, namely to develop software that provides the best user experience. We do not only bring your initial sketches of ideas into life, but we also suit our software to your needs in every step of the process, being committed to the agile approach. The task that is performed when you click on any item is programmed by our back-end developers. They are also responsible for the smooth and quick performance of the software, co-operating with the Operations Team.

Supervised Machine Learning (ML) cannot be implemented without annotators, since – in opposition to unsupervised ML – training data is provided with meta-data by human experts. Statistic methods learn on the basis of this data and their performance is measured in line with it, too. Our team has 5 years of experience in well-known annotation tasks, like classification, scoring, named entity recognition, emotion and sentiment analysis. They are engaged both in internal and external projects.

Whenever you have an innovative idea that can be accomplished within the framework of TAS, our Business Analysts help you take the first steps towards solution. We are at your disposal to articulate a clear project goal, the requirements that have to be met by the solution that is ordered, the desired outcomes and the tasks that lead to the success of the project. Moreover, we also undertake the role of a mediator who mediates between customer and technical specialists.